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ANYC United was formed on 1 January 2009 to oversee futsal/football activities throughout the area of Manjung, Perak. Although a formal association was only formed in 2009, ANYC United has actually had a futsal/football team since 2004, which participated in many tournament around Seri Manjung, Perak.

ANYC United are the one of the most successful team in the Seri Manjung, Perak. They won their first major trophies (Manjung Futsal Championship) in 2009 and were runners-up in the 2010 edition. ANYC United became the first team to achieve unbeatable in Manjung Futsal Championship in 2009 edition.

En.Zaini is the manager for ANYC United since it has be formed. There are four teams in ANYC United: ANYC United (A), ANYC United (B), ANYC United U-15 (A) and ANYC United U-15 (B) . See below for current lineup for each teams. Stadium Fasa 1D is the home ground for ANYC United which located near to Surau An-Nur Fasa 1D2. 

ANYC United nickname is Young Barca because the simple passing technique is the playing style for ANYC United similar to Barcelona style. The team motto is Teamwork, Beautiful, Class, No Fear and Ole!! A favorite tagline among ANYC United supporters is 'main kasi ole!!' because the players of ANYC United like to ole! other team players.

Home Jersey

Away Jersey

ANYC United Squad:

ANYC United (A):
  • GK: Fahmy (1)
  • DF: Faris (7) -captain-
  • MD: Shuib (9)
  • MD: Amin Bulat (17)
  • FW: Aidil (5)
  • DF: Adham (4)
  • MD: Anuar (2)
  • FW: Amirul (12)

    ANYC United (B):
    • GK: Azim Bob (10)
    • DF: Nadzmi (11)
    • MD: Sidi (6) -captain-
    • MD: Amin Jeli (23)
    • FW: Ammar (18)
    • DF: Rais(15)
    • DF: Arip (3)
    • MD: Syamirul (14)

      ANYC United U-15 (A):
      • GK: Fahmy Sumo
      • DF: Aiman C'kodz
      • DF: Akmal Bean
      • MD: Amir Kecik -captain-
      • FW: Shahin
      • DF: Amyril
      • MD: Nasrul Atoi
      • FW: Arif Montel

        ANYC United U-15 (B):
        • GK: Iskandar
        • DF: Amar Bighead -captain-
        • DF: Ejad
        • MD: Ariff Joker
        • FW: Aiman Sengau
        • DF: Amirul Chick
        • MD: Nafis
        • FW: Kenik

          ANYC United Honours:

          • Champion Manjung Futsal Championship 2009
          • Runners-up Manjung Futsal Championship 2010
          • Champion Piala Bank Islam 2011

          • Winner Friendly Cup Tournament 2010 & 2011
          • 3rd place Fasa 1D Tournamanent 2005
          • Runners-up against Manjung All Star FC

          Teamwork, Beautiful, Class, No Fear and Ole!!

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